*  Conditions Apply


1. A Samsung Galaxy Phone will be given to a lucky winner through a draw held up from the list of correctly predicting participants those who buy any one of the POMMA or Happy Life Imoji Products from our e-commerce site

2. The contest is only for online sale via and is only valid in India. The purchases from 06.07.2021 00:00 hrs to 11.07.2021 22: 00 hrs IST will only be considered for the contest.

3. The Smartphone is given to the lucky winner will be of not less than a price of Rs.25000/-

4. All you need to do is:

    -Buy any Happy life Imoji Perfume for Rs.449/- from & Predict your winning team in Finals

     - Or buy any Pomma Perfume for Rs.999/- and get a chance to predict TWO TEAMS who may WIN THE FINALS

5. The contestants will not have any other right or claim in any manner by participating in this contest

6.For the contest, only one purchase is allowed for one person, multiple purchases won’t be considered for the contest.

7. The Second and Third Price Winners will be given Gift Hampers as prizes.

8. Winners of the contest will be announced through our FB and Insta pages after the Finals

9. In any circumstances only one winner will be selected after the draw for the first prize