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Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash is a safe, gentle and protective product from India’s No.1 expert intimate care range Clean and Dry.
What does it do?
Its gentle cleansing soothes the vaginal area and keeps it safe from infections and its symptoms like rashes, burning, odour, white discharge and other symptoms of vaginitis. While its perfect pH helps maintain the pH balance of your skin in the intimate area. It also removes unnecessary dark pigments that have settled on the intimate skin and brightens it for a fresh, healthy look.
When do you use it?
While having a bath all you need to do is avoid ordinary soap to wash the intimate area, just switch to Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash. It just takes 2 minutes but provides you with all day intimate comfort and protection.
What does it contain?
Clean and Dry intimate wash contains essential goodness like aloe vera and other safe and gentle ingredients that clean and refresh. Like Aloe Vera that prevents itching and irritation. Mint Oil for relief from rashes and burning. Menthol for better protection and freshness. Vitamin B3 to eliminate dark pigmentation and Glycerine for gentle care. It’s perfect pH Balance is gentle on ultra-sensitive skin.
When to use it?
During a bath, after using an unhygienic toilet seat, before getting intimate with your partner or whenever you wish to feel healthy clean

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