Brand: GS Gary Statz Pro Grooming Tools
Product Code: Angled Eye Makeup Brush
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Gary Statz professional makeup brushes are carefully designed and custom made by highly experienced team from Cherry Cosmo using German technology.
Gary Statz Brushes are ergonomic and great for buffing product into the skin. Every Brush is made from high quality synthetic Fibre’s. No Animal ingredients or parts are used to manufacture Statz products. The length and width are custom made to suit Indian Makeup Artist for optimum grip and comfort during application.
<<<<<>>>>> Angled Eye Makeup Brush is a flat and densely packed which makes it easy to hold the product and draw a finely accurate straight line.
<<<<<>>>>> It is mostly used to apply eye shadow on the eyelid making a straight line, for softer and natural looking eyeliner.<<<<>>>>Perfect for contouring and smudging—this angled brush makes it easy to apply shadow in the corner, in the crease and all over the eye lid.

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