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This amazing World First product is the newest launch of CLEAN AND DRY. Created completely using the finest R&D, technology and manufacturing facilities, C&D FOAM WASH is truly one of a kind. It offers the best of natural healing ingredients and plant extracts to soothe, protect and cleanse in a smooth, soft, foamy texture. Once you experience C&D FOAM you will never want to try any other intimate care product. That’s a challenge!

What does it do?

It caresses the vaginal area gently cleansing it with its goodness, soothes it and keeps it safe from infections and its symptoms like rashes, burning, odour, white discharge and other symptoms of vaginitis.

What does it contain?

Clean and Dry Foam Wash has a cloud like texture for ultra-gentle cleansing. It is packed with a lot of new age healing goodness. Like Aloe Vera that prevents itching and irritation. Mint Oil for relief from rashes and burning. Menthol for better protection and freshness. Vitamin B3 to eliminate dark pigmentation and Glycerin for gentle care. Lactic acid for protection. And Wheat germ that helps cleanse and brighten. It’s perfect pH Balance is gentle on ultra-sensitive skin.

When do you use it?

During a bath, after using an unhygienic toilet seat, before getting intimate with your partner, to shave the intimate area or whenever you wish to feel extra special and pampered down there.

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