Brand: Germi Fight
Product Code: Disinfect Spray 100ml
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If unhygienic & bacteria-infested hard & soft surfaces keep you up at night, Germi Fight™ Disinfectant Spray is what you need. No more wiping - ditch the unsanitary cloth & harmful chemicals – now simply spray. Germi Fight™ Disinfectant Spray can be used to instantly sanitize soft surfaces like Hands & Upholstery, and equally effective on hard surfaces like Door Handles, Kitchen Counters, Dustbins and Toilets. The organic formula kills 99.9% harmful germs and leaves no toxic chemical residue. Safe for all age groups. It has a subtle fragrance that quickly refreshes too. Germi Fight™ Disinfectant Spray are manufactured as per the globally accepted & trusted WHO guidelines and are GMP & ISO certified.

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