Brand: Naughty Girl
Product Code: Bonjour Women Daily use Deodorant Spray 200 mL Pack of 1
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Adding all the floral and citrusy essences, Bonjour from the Naughty Girl 200ml collection is created with an aim to offer a long-lasting and fruity fragrance. Each note is dedicated to releasing a distinctive aroma that conjointly creates an exotic fragrance for the deodorant. The top note comprises of rose, honeysuckle and tangerine that is responsible for creating an initial flowery scent. Coming from a Citrus Floral family, the middle note is focused on accentuating the perfume’s floral essences. Jasmine, peony, flower, and Clementine make a perfect floral middle note. Musk, patchouli and sandalwood produce an earthy aroma creating a final note for long-lasting fragrance. Offering a unique aroma drenched in honey, jasmine and sandalwood, Bonjour is curated for all the divas that are looking for a burst of floral freshness that stays all day long.

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