Brand: Afzal
Retailed By Lyla Blanc Pvt Ltd,Thane
Product Code: Premium Afsoon Unisex Daily use Deodorant Spray 200 mL Pack of 1
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₹359.00 ₹399.00


Afzal Premium is a range of luxurious perfume that tends to release exotic scent with every splash. Afsoon is a quality perfume spray from Afzal Premium collection that is known for its enticing and mystic fragrance produced by some earthy and fruity essences. The top note is created from orange blossom and geranium that prepares a fruity base for the perfume. Moving further, carnation, orris and caramel from the middle note prepare a rich and intense layer of freshness. By the time the perfume reaches its end aroma, amber, oudh, moss and sandalwood from the base note makes a veil of long-lasting and rustic odour that also keeps the freshness intact. Afsoon belongs to Oriental family and it is counted amongst the most popular Afzal Premium luxurious perfumes.

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