Brand: Afzal
Retailed By Lyla Blanc Pvt Ltd,Thane
Product Code: Premium Rahma Unisex Daily use Deodorant Spray 200 mL Pack of 1
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₹359.00 ₹399.00


Rahma is a luxurious perfume from Afzal Premium that offers an exquisite fragrance with the power to captivate your senses. Belonging to the Floral family, each note of Rahma is soaked in floral and earthy essences that keep the freshness intact. The top note is a floral amalgam of peach, ylang, and orange blossom that provides a soothing initial aroma. The middle note is composed of carnation, jasmine and rose that further accentuate the pleasant fragrance of the perfume. Musk, moss and sandalwood are those earthy elements that form a rustic base note and formulate the final base of this exquisite concoction. Whether you choose to gift it to a loved one or adorn it for an evening party, Rahama is the ideal splash of luxurious fragrance and floral freshness on the go.

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