Brand: Bonjour Paris
Retailed By Cherry Cosmo,Palghar
Product Code: Rose Pink
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Bonjour Paris Insta Drama Eye Shadow redefines eyes with unique color swatches for eye makeup. Crème up the eyes with your favorite color to get a beautiful vibrant shade that adds radiance and glow to your look. These colors are thoughtfully selected keeping in mind latest trends and fashion styles. Micro Nano Pearl shimmers blend perfectly to create a 4D Effect that is suitable for all occasions. You can choose from a range of 13 unique shades that enhance your mark.

Application tips: Start blending the eye shadow from the lid and spread it onto the crease  going up-to the  brow. For a more dramatic look, you can even apply the eye shadow under the eye lash. Once this is done, use a clean brush and smoothen up the rough eye color around edges. This look can further be accentuated using eye liner / mascara / blusher / bronzer or just a nude lip shade, whatever is your preference.

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